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Ireland's Cliff House Hotel


An oceanside basecamp off the beaten path that is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts


When it comes time to unearth another one of the best outposts from around the globe, we meet the task with calculated excitement. The process is a careful one, as our team sorts through dozens of lodges and hotels for the one that not only surpasses the above-average mark, but goes above and beyond. An outstanding physical location paired with superb access to the outdoor activities we love are paramount in our final decision. It’s a high bar, but one by which we have come to define ourselves. The Cliff House Hotel in Ireland meets these expectations and then some. Read on to find out why.


Steeped in Irish History


Privately owned and operated, the Cliff House is a five-star hotel situated right next to Ireland's iconic towns of Cork and Waterford. Built in the 1930's, it has been a stopping point for famous artists and playwrights ever since. Ten years ago, the Cliff House was purchased by the O'Callaghan family—a couple who loved staying there so much that they decided to invest in the building and make it new again. After their extraordinary investment, the Cliff House has become one of the most successful small hotels in Ireland.


Contemporary Luxury


Clinging to the edge of a cliff on the south side of Ardmore Bay, the Cliff House is composed of sun-drenched terraces and private balconies that overlook Ardmore's sandy beaches dotted with lobster pots, and the dolphins in their daily escapades on the horizon. Family-friendly room configurations have been crisply remodeled with white walls, stone columns, moss-covered roofs, and limestone terracing. With Ireland's largest collection of campaign furniture and specially commissioned art, the Cliff House is as much a retreat for the adventurous as it is for the design-obsessed.


Oceanside Activities


Ireland will blow you away with its impressive scope of outdoor activities. The lush landscape surrounded by wild and rugged coastline is an ideal setting for adventures, including archery, sea kayaking, snorkeling, surfing, and of course, taking out the Cliff House's yacht for a zoom around the bay. During your stay, you can hike through the Comeragh Mountains, fly-fish for salmon along the River Blackwater, ride horses along the beach and backcountry trails, or rev a quad bike through the countryside at Castlemartryr. You will find it's already time to leave before you've tapped the potential of the adventure-filled Irish landscape.


Explore Cork and Beyond


No trip to Ireland would be complete without an introduction to the cultural intricacies of the nearby towns. The Cliff House is located close to Ring, an Irish-speaking area, while the nearby Blackwater Valley is home to 70 historic houses on its wooded banks. Take a walking tour through Ardmore, one of Ireland's oldest Christian fishing settlements, or visit St. Declan's Well, a historical holy site that is still revered by many, complete with an impressive tower and artifacts. There is an astounding plethora of botanical walks, galleries, and significant sites for you to explore during your stay in this historically abundant area of Ireland. After a day full of sight-seeing, delight in the local gastropubs of the area. Ireland is having a foodie resurgence, and it fits our palate just fine!


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Cliff House Hotel


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