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A Beach for Every Day of the Week


Enjoy five exceptional beaches at Nicaragua’s 2,700-acre resort


Most outposts and camps Outside GO features are small, boutique properties. That’s because it’s hard to find the attention to detail, beautiful accommodations, and expert guides that we so value at big name resorts around the globe. Las Cinco Playas de Rancho Santana in Nicaragua breaks the mold. The 2,700-acre resort on the Western shore of the country merges a wildly large operation with first class hospitality and lodging, creating a destination perfect for the entire family to visit. As one of the only isthmuses on the Pacific Ocean (an isthmus is a strip of land bordered on both sides by water, connected by land on each side), Rancho Santana boasts five distinct beaches, a farm to table restaurant literally stocked by a farm on the resort, and enough activities to convince you to move there – which you can do, if you’d like to purchase a private residence on the property. We think you just might.


The Property


Rancho Santana is so large, it has been crafted into an entirely self-sustained destination. From the incredible 600-acre nature reserve to the stables, tennis courts, market, and farm, to the two miles of white-sand beaches, you’ll find yourself never needing (or wanting) to leave. Perched in between the shores of the Pacific Ocean and Lake Nicaragua, the largest lake in Central America, Rancho Santana receives refreshing cool breezes and an environment as rich in flora and fauna as any on the continent. We think the resort hits their self-proclaimed goal on the head: “to provide residents and guests with the technological comforts of first world living while maintaining the quiet and rustic appeal of the area.” 


The Accomodations


There are almost as many options for lodging as there are acres at Rancho Santana. Built with groups in mind, the freestanding ocean-view villas and homes are all equipped to host families of any size and friends, both new and old. These spacious options provide astounding views and just the right amount of privacy for you and your traveling companions to soak in the setting.


Fun for the Whole Family


Ride horses along the beach and through a local village. Search for monkeys and other wildlife in the jungle while walking through the private nature reserve. Take an afternoon siesta or yoga session before your massage at the spa. Top off the your day with a standup paddleboard excursion at sunset and wholesome meal at the on-site restaurant, La Finca y el Mar. There are plenty of beautiful perches to relax with a book in hand, but we don’t think you’ll spend much time sitting around while in Nicaragua.


Surf's Up


The unique location of Rancho Santana and its angled coastline makes for the confluence of some of the world’s most vertical waves. Not only are they fun to watch with a sundowner in hand – they’re fun to ride. With ten different breaks for surfers of all skill levels, there’s something for everyone. Take a guide or even better, a lesson with the whole family. With nearly 330 days of good surf each year, Rancho Santana is a destination worth visiting for anyone looking to hang ten.


Why Nicaragua?


Beyond being a safe, stable, and beautiful location to visit, Nicaragua is among one of our personal favorite tropical destinations. While it offers as many opportunities for cultural and natural exploration as neighboring Costa Rica, the secret simply isn’t out yet. Tourism is growing in this beautiful country and we encourage you to visit while it’s still a lesser-known hidden gem.


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Rancho Santana


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