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Experience Nicaragua’s premier surf safari at Morgan’s Rock


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We have two words for you – beach bungalows. Morgan’s Rock in Nicaragua is home to 15 of these incredible base camps, and the destination as a whole is one of our favorite ecotourism spots on the planet. Over half of Morgan Rock's 4,000-acre property is located on a government-designated reserve to protect the nesting sea turtles that call the beach home. The other portion is low-impact and sustainable tropical working forestland. As a result, the entire property is a shining example of sustainable ecotourism. Plus, the myraid activities and picturesque spots to hang your hammock make you feel good about much more than just recycling your empty Corona bottle and composting the lime.  


The Rock


You might find yourself asking, who's Morgan? Morgan's Rock is named for a United States senator tasked with connecting the Atlantic with the Pacific Ocean. While Senator Morgan trekked through Nicaragua on this expedition, he elected the beaches near Morgan's Rock as the entry from the Pacific side. The rock that marks the exterior of the bay, the shark-shaped rock pictured below, was his landmark. While the canal was later built in Panama, not Nicaragua, the owners of the property honored the name. 


Beach Bungalows


There’s just something about the word "bungalow" that embodies a treasured jungle destination. Things like piña coladas and howler monkeys come to mind, along with your favorite Beach Boys jam. The 15 private and sustainably constructed bungalows at Morgan’s Rock are no exception. Built into a cliff overlooking the private cove below, each spacious abode has been crafted with your relaxation in mind.


What to Do



Rock defines the proper tropical safari. With opportunities to view all kinds of wildlife from sloths to sea turtles, zipline through the jungle, fish on and offshore, tour nearby volcanoes, and ride horseback on a private beach, there’s something for the entire family to enjoy. Morgan’s Rock also makes for a wonderful romantic destination with room-side sundowner service, spa services, private pools at each bungalow, and the popular "showers with a view."


Rates & Times to Visit



is an excellent destination year-round, but rates do vary based on season. Get in touch below with our expert team below to learn more about customizing your own itinerary and dates and we’ll get to crafting your perfect bungalow adventure.


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Morgan's Rock


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