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Paradise Under the Sea


Your private underwater room floats just off Pemba Island


Photo Credit: Jesper Anhede


In case you haven’t seen these awe-inspiring digs off the coast of Tanzania, we’re here to introduce you. Meet one of the coolest and most unique destinations around—the Manta Resort’s underwater room. While it isn’t the world’s first underwater leisure spot (there’s actually a submerged bar in the Maldives), it does serve as the newest addition to the under-the-sea craze and one of the most beautiful. Surrounded by world-class diving coastline, white-sand beaches, and of course the on-shore portion of the Manta Resort, this room for two is simply sublime. 


The Room


Built like a boat suspended in rolling tides, the underwater room at Manta is an unusual structure. Instead of anchoring it to the bottom like other underwater buildings, the Swedish designers responsible for this masterpiece developed a system of four anchors that allow the room to flow with the waves, essentially safeguarding its integrity for years to come. Each of the room’s three floors provides a unique way to experience the natural surroundings.


The Resort


At $1,500 a night, you might not stay in the underwater room for your entire trip. That’s where the rest of the Manta comes into play. Air-conditioned, spacious seafront villas line the beach for perfect sunset views. Garden rooms of every shape and size (perfect for individuals, groups, and families alike) are peppered amid the foliage, each with a makuti-thatched roof. Every evening, guests join together at the main verandah to enjoy the intoxicating flavors of the Swahili-inspired cuisine. Take your cocktail infused with handpicked island mango to the lounge, pool, or beach—you might just need two!


What to Do


Surrounded by crystal-clear, temperate waters, Manta offers an array of activities that revolve around the sea. The diving is world-class with eight featured dive zones and some of the healthiest coral reefs found in the Indian Ocean. Don’t know how to manage an oxygen tank? The resort runs lessons in its two-tiered pool to get you ready for the real thing. Aside from getting wet, you can also take a guided journey to the lighthouse or rainforest, visit nearby schoolchildren, or take a trip on a traditional sailing dhow, hand-carved from mango wood. 


Throw in a Safari


A grand finale at Manta is ideal, especially after being on safari. Experience the wildlife of Africa with one of  our handcrafted safaris before diving into your relaxing beach stay.

Sound like your kind of vacation? We thought so. Get in touch with our team today and we’ll make sure you’re sleeping with the manta rays in no time. 


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Manta Underwater Resort


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