Linkwasha and Kwetsani Camps


Stylish New Safari Camps

Our newest Africa offerings, Linkwasha Camp in Zimbabwe and Kwetsani Camp in Botswana, are back and better than ever


We are thrilled to introduce two newly reopened Outposts that are at the heart of what an Outside GO safari is all about—tremendous wildlife viewing, authentic cultural interactions, and out-of-this-world places to rest your head. Whether your plan is to stay at both Linkwasha and Kwetsani camps or choose just one, you simply can’t go wrong.




ZIMBABWE: Ngamo Plains & Hwange National Park


Modern Design, African Twist


The fresh, open, and airy design of Linkwasha Camp is complemented by an eclectic mix of contemporary interiors inspired by the original spirit and essence of safari. The main area—including various multi-level decks, a pool, and a winter lounge complete with library—and eight luxury tents, plus one perfectly suited for families, all enjoy a same breathtaking view of the watering hole.


Get to Know the Ngamo


First things first. Let’s talk location. Linkwasha Camp lies in a private concession in Hwange in northwestern Zimbabwe. Nestled in the same site as the old Linkwasha, the camp is close to the famed Ngamo Plains, which offer fantastic summer wildlife viewing. If you’re thinking of coming at another time of year, don’t worry. Linkwasha overlooks a pan that is a magnet for animals in the dry season.


For the Wild Things


Like all of our other GO African Outposts, Linkwasha does not disappoint when it comes to looking for wildlife. Animals frequently encountered in the area include lion, large herds of elephant, buffalo, leopard, spotted hyena, giraffe, sable, blue wildebeest, impala, waterbuck and reedbuck. In summer, wildebeest, zebra and eland are found in abundance on the open plains, and in winter the elephants congregate in enormous numbers around the water holes.


Highlight of Your Stay


Wildlife is the core of your experience at Linkwasha. Enjoy walking and driving safaris and evening explorations in Hwange National Park, the largest game reserve in Zimbabwe (at a staggering 5,657 square miles). Visit the local villages and schools with a guide—all cultural exchanges you’ll cherish for a lifetime. They just might be the highlight of your trip. Run out of room for photos on your memory card? Then hang out by the pool with a pair of binoculars and soak it all in.




BOTSWANA: Jao Concession & Okavango Delta


Designed by Water


Kwetsani is raised on stilts to accommodate the ebb and flow of water on the floodplains. Focused on intimacy and sweeping views, the camp maintains privacy as the bottom line, provided by five tented treehouse rooms, each with a beautifully furnished bedroom and lounge made of canvas, wood, and glass. The raised dining room, lounge, and bar area, from which sweeping vistas of the floodplains stretch to the horizon, often catches the gentle breeze blowing across the waving reeds. If you’d like to get into the water yourself, a plunge pool fits the bill.


Dwelling in the Delta


Kwetsani Camp is defined by its location in the Okavango Delta. Even those who have never ventured to the continent of Africa have heard of this oasis. Located in Botswana, the delta is produced by seasonal flooding. All the annual floodwater that reaches the delta ultimately evaporates, but before that it sustains an incredible number of species both permanent and migratory. Kwetsani, in the center of the Jao Concession, is perfectly situated on an elongated island covered with palm, mangosteen, and fig trees.


Wet- and Dry-Season Wildlife


The wildlife you see depends on which season you visit Kwetsani—wet or dry. The camp is set in the most densely populated wetland area for red lechwe and even sitatunga antelope, and hippo and crocodile are regularly seen in the wet season. In the dry season, elephant, wildebeest, and zebra are prevalent, with lion, cheetah, and leopard often sighted. One resident leopardess will steal your heart! Nocturnal animals like porcupine, aardwolf, serval, large spotted genet and lesser bushbaby can be observed on night drives. Bring binoculars for the large concentrations of wattle crane as well as slaty egret, rosy-throated longclaw, and African skimmer.


Safari by Boat


Besides the wildlife drives, Kwetsani is a mecca for more watery explorations. There’s nothing like seeing a hippo rise from the side of your powerboat or spying on a crocodile as he scopes out a sitatunga, a rare water-dwelling antelope. And as you may have noticed, the Okavango Delta is an exceptional place for birding. Your guides will help you spot birds you’d never have imagined existed, and in no time at all you will join the worldwide ranks of twitchers. 

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