Clayoquot Cloud Camp


The Cloud Camp of Your Dreams


Get closer to the stars than ever before at the newly opened Cloud Camp at Clayoquot Wilderness Resort on Vancouver Island


When you hear the words “romantic escape,” images of lanterns and hot tubs under the stars come to mind. The phrase makes us envision sweeping vistas, careful attention to detail, and a sense of peace—all perfectly removing you from that thing at home called real life. That is exactly the kind of escape the Cloud Camp at Clayoquot Wilderness Resort provides. The latest offering from our favorite tented resort in British Columbia, perched high on the shore of an alpine lake overlooking the mountains of Vancouver Island and the Pacific Ocean beyond, this is the ultimate in remote adventure. And if you want, the kids can come along.


The Original Glamping


Located in British Columbia’s fragile Clayoquot Sound UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, right at the mouth of the Bedwell River, Clayoquot (pronounced CLOCK-wit) is a summer-season Northwest refuge. Open from May to the end of September for what the owners call camping season, the plush amenities are far from what you might consider roughing it. Owners John and Adele Caton, who opened the camp almost 15 years ago, claim to have originally coined the term "glamping". After taking one look at the resort, we can see why.


Tented Escape


The main camp is at sea level, embedded below the rainforest canopy. Twenty luxury and deluxe tents dot the landscape, featuring an array of comforts from ensuite bathrooms to heated floors and woodstoves. Dining tents and a spa are just a stone’s throw away on cedar boardwalks. The real star of the camp, though, is in the clouds. Up above a staggering 1,500-foot cliff sit a couple of remote tents, perched on the rocky shoreline of an alpine lake. Accessible only by helicopter from the camp below, the Cloud Camp is the perfect place for a couple or small family to experience the ultimate in blissful solitude.


24 Hours in Heaven


You’ll take off from the main lodge after lunch, arriving at your private landing pad among the clouds only five minutes later. A hiking guide will acquaint you with the area and, if you please, take you for a mini-adventure around the lake. Afterward, kayak the lake, take a swim, or just kick back and enjoy the view. A personal dining tent, chef, and five-course meal are set up for the evening. In the morning, continue your explorations of this unbelievable location or helicopter back down to fly-fish along the river.


Back at Base Camp


The rest of your stay will be at the lower camp, where every activity under the pines is at your fingertips. Mountain bike, horseback ride, rock climb, stand-up paddleboard, or even go paintballing. You won’t want to miss the wildlife watching, either. Dubbed the Northwest safari, a trip to this part of the world has a different Big Five: whales, bears, bald eagles, sea lions, and sea otters are all waiting to be discovered. Kids ages four and up are welcome at Clayoquot, where guides will become their best friends, helping the youngsters learn about the area and enjoy its beauty one-on-one. 


Embracing Roots


Clayoquot was founded with the environment in mind, and it has developed in an entirely sensitive and sustainable manner. In addition to installing recycling water systems and composting toilets, the founders have invested over $1.5 million dollars into salmon habitat restoration. 


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Clayoquot Cloud Camp


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