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There are hundreds of ways to experience Africa, and all of them unique in their own right. But when it comes to embodying an authentic experience of a bygone era, no destination stands out like Chem Chem in Tanzania. Nestled between Tarangire and Lake Manyara National Parks, the camp offers a secluded, out of this world experience that is hard to find today—even in the wilds of Africa.


Chem Chem


Taking inspiration from the spirit of a flamingo in flight, the main Chem Chem Lodge is built in two wings. The central body of the lodge offers a viewing deck steeped in simplicity, and the wings consist of a gourmet restaurant balanced by the opposing bar and fully stocked library. The pool and Amani Spa rest in the middle of either wing, ensconced by palms and just beg to be enjoyed.


Little Chem Chem


Also known as the sunrise camp, this little gem consists of five luxurious tents on the Babati mountain range, overlooking the freshwater Lake Burunge. Surrounded by almost 40,000 acres of wild lands, Little Chem Chem reaches full capacity at only ten guests. But you don’t have to look far for other company – lions, elephants, cheetahs, leopards and other animals roam all day and night outside your canvas door for a uniquely African experience.


Fill Your Days


Don’t be fooled by the elegant simplicity of Chem Chem Lodge. The activities are anything but sparse, featuring tracking game on foot with native Maasai and taking in the sights from above in a hot air balloon. Whatever you do, make sure to spend at least one sunrise observing the flamingos on Lake Manyara. They, along with your entire Chem Chem experience, will be the stuff of dreams for years to come.


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Chem Chem Tanzania


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