Campi Ya Kanzi


Private Slice of Paradise


Safari by day and slumber by night in Hemingway’s Green Hills of Africa at the exclusive Campi ya Kanzi in Kenya


Widely recognized as one of the most inspiring safari camps in all of Africa, Campi ya Kanzi is unabashedly sensational. Located at the foot of the Chyulu Hills in Kenya, the setting for Hemingway’s Green Hills of Africa, the lodge was one of the first available on the continent that combine exceptional wildlife experiences with traditional Maasai community and culture. As such, it’s the ultimate convergence of all things Africa—including not only the magnificent animals and scenery, but also the people who call it home. You won't want to miss this exclusive camp the next time you consider booking a truly life-changing safari. 


Shadow of Kilimanjaro



One of the most spectacular features of Campi ya Kanzi is its location: directly in front of the towering peak of Mount Kilimanjaro. The luxury camp was built in partnership with the Maasai community on 280,000-acre Kuku Group Ranch. Unlike most camps in Africa, which are in national parks, Campi ya Kanzi offers a more secluded safari experience in which only 16 guests share this immense expanse of 400 square miles. Don’t worry about the lions—you’ll be escorted by a professional guide and Maasai tracker everywhere you go. 


Eco-Lodge Extraordinaire 


State-of-the-art technologies make Campi ya Kanzi unobtrusive in its environment. Water is sourced via rain cropping and is heated with solar panels, electricity is provided by 120 photovoltaic panels, and even the food is cooked with eco-friendly charcoal. The furniture placed in each private, tented cottage is made from local logs that were literally felled by elephants. The cottages themselves were built with lava rocks and other local materials. Everything you’ll find at Campi ya Kanzi is entirely authentic and built with the environmentally sensitive practices in mind. 


Satisfying Slumber


There are two types of accommodations at Campi ya Kanzi: a traditional and glamorous canvas cottage, or your very own villa in the bush, known as the Kanzi House. The tented cottages accomodate only 16 guests, and each is crafted with state-of-the-art luxury combined with earthy, authentic features. The natural construction is complemented with an elegant shower and bathroom, plush bedding, and a sweeping veranda to enjoy the surrounding views. The Kanzi House sleeps private parties of up to ten, making it the perfect choice for larger families and groups. Needless to say, you are guaranteed absolute solitude as you rest your head after a hard day's safari wherever you choose to sleep. 


Safari of Your Dreams


No Outside GO trip to Africa is complete without the safari of your dreams. Located directly in the migration corridor between two of the most legendary national parks in Kenya, known as the Amboseli-Tsavo ecosystem, Campi ya Kanzi is a particularly special savannah to explore via bush plane and safari vehicle. As the sole safari operator in this 400-square-mile region, this outpost has private access to an area three-quarters the size of the entire Masai Mara. Not only is the size tremendous, but since you’re not on a national park or reserve, you’re allowed to get out of your touring vehicle and literally walk among the wildlife. And as we already mentioned, meeting and interacting with the native Maasai community is a reason to visit on its own. 


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Campi ya Kanzi


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