Mapula Lodge

Mapula Lodge



Experience one of the most unique wetland areas in the world in the northern region of Botswana’s Okavango Delta at newly remodeled Mapula Lodge.

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Five Generations of Experience Makes for the Ultimate Safari at Mapula Lodge


Experience one of the most unique wetland areas in the world in Botswana’s Okavango Delta at the newly remodeled Mapula Lodge—a property brought to you by the legendary Bousfield family.


This 220,000-acre area is made up of floodplains, woodlands, and channels that (true to form for all our favorite outposts in the Okavango) are simply teeming with wildlife. Here on a large treed island surrounded by seasonal floodplains sits Mapula Lodge, a stylish and beautiful safari camp designed by the Bousfield family—the folks who created the Kalahari legend, Jack’s Camp. With five generations of first-hand experience in Africa crafting the ultimate in creative hospitality and guided safaris, the Bousfields do it right.

One of only a few camps in the region, game viewing here is exhilarating and exceptionally uncrowded. You’ll embark on daily game drives and boat safaris to spot animals such as lion, leopard, cheetah, and wild dog, as well as lesser-known predators like caracal, serval, and mongoose. It’s hard to miss the herds of buffalo congregating at the waters’ edge, along with elephants and hippo. Keep an eye peeled for smaller creatures like carmine bee-eaters and the endangered wattled crane, too! Throughout all this sightseeing you’ll be accompanied by some of the best guides in the business who have been trained by safari legend Ralph Bousfield himself. 

After the day’s activities, decompress in one of the beautifully outfitted nine canvas-and-thatch tents where rich Kilims pad the floors and brass lanterns give off an air of perfect safari-chic. Sit back with a sundowner in the ‘chill pit,’ or sunken lounge area with a fire pit overlooking the lagoon, where the wildlife quite literally comes to you. It’s all a part of the experience at Mapula Lodge and we would love to share it with you.


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"The landscape is iconic in all its Delta-esque beauty. It’s a pristine wilderness of floodplains and grasslands, lagoons and palm-strewn islands, and the diverse habitats support an extraordinary range of wildlife."







Mapula Lodge


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