Alladale Wilderness Reserve

Alladale Wilderness Reserve



This 23,000-acre reserve is without a doubt one of the most astounding outposts in Scotland.

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Find Yourself Off the Grid at Alladale Wilderness Reserve


Scotland is very much an untamed place, at least when it comes to the 23,000-acre Alladale Wilderness Reserve in the Scottish Highlands.


With conservation and restoration at the forefront of their business model, Alladale Wilderness Reserve is a hidden gem. The outpost offers three ways to experience Scottish hospitality—luxury accommodations in the 7-room lodge, two rustic chic cottages, and an uber comfortable bunkhouse deep in the wilderness.  

The lodge features Victorian style decor with modern comforts like an in-house sauna, gym, and pool, while the private cottages are perfect for families and groups of friends looking to imbibe in quiet nights in your own living area, complete with heated floors and of course a wood-burning fireplace. The bunkhouse, Deanich Lodge, features simple and cozy decor wrapped up in a farmhouse-style chalet. 

When you’re not enjoying the interiors of Alladale, you’ll be fully immersed in the wilderness just out the front door. Take a guided hike to look for red deer and golden eagles, go mountain biking and cast a line for brown trout, or try your hand at clay pigeon shooting. Slow things down with a whisky tasting, or forage your own plants, herbs, and mushrooms to feature in the evening’s dinner. You’ll also enjoy learning about the conservation efforts on the property, like the work being down to protect the incredibly adorable Scottish Wildcat. (In addition, 7% of your costs here are donated to the European Nature Trust.)  After a few days in the wild at Alladale, you’ll be wondering why it took you so long to embark on an adventure across the pond in the first place!

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“Alladale’s rugged terrain, dramatic glens, colorful hills, glistening rivers, and herds of majestic red deer will take your breath away.”







Alladale Wilderness Reserve


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