What We Do

Outside GO is an adventure travel company that designs, plans, curates and executes unforgettable travel experiences. Join us as we explore new horizons worldwide with the finest outfitters, travel providers, and expert adventure guides. Imagine tracking puma through the wilds of Chile, glacier hopping around Alaska by bush plane, and journeying by land rover through the savannahs of Africa. If you can dream it, GO can plan it. 


Our Story

Chip Cunningham met Sandy Ingram when she was just nineteen. The pair were both working in Gstaad, Switzerland; Chip as a tennis pro and ski instructor, Sandy a champagne girl at the local bar. Chip was taken with her beauty and South African accent (Sandy is fourth generation South African), and as soon as Sandy finished her studies at Oxford, the two traveled across the American west together camping their way through the national parks. With barely enough money for gas, they finally landed in Santa Fe where Sandy’s godfather lived. They soon realized their dream of owning a ranch had a better chance of coming to fruition if they moved back to Africa, so they packed their bags and relocated to Kenya. Back then, Africa symbolized romance, exotic culture, danger, and of course great place to be a pilot–Chip’s pastime. It still does today. 

The pair found the perfect opportunity in a lodge that had just burned to the ground—Ol Donyo Wuas (now Lodge) at the foot of Kilimanjaro in Hemingway’s Green Hills of Africa. When they arrived, the buildings were still smoldering. But only four months later, they had built a home from the ashes with Sandy handling the guests, Chip flying the bush plane. Their love of Africa eventually evolved into owning the travel company Uncharted Outposts, which has now grown into Outside GO. 

Chip and Sandy are once again based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and continue to share their love of adventure travel with our clients ever since.


The Team

Experienced and authentic, our dedicated team is here for you every step of the way. We want to inspire you to get outside and push beyond your existing comfort level to live big, go deep, and ultimately feel more alive. Because the root of adventure travel is about more than sipping mai-tais on the beach. 


What Sets Us Apart

Where the owner of the lodge is often your host. Where you come eye-to- eye with an giraffe over morning coffee. Where your guides make you an insider. Where the views simply take your breath away. This is what it feels like to travel with Outside GO.  You’ll arrive home soul-satisfied, replenished, and inspired. What’s more, by traveling with GO you will always be supporting the local economy and ecology, no matter your destination. This is the mission of Outside GO.  We take you to the backside of the mountain where the untracked powder is the pristine area of Africa, away from the tourist where the animals are wild to the roads less traveled—where you are the only one for miles– yet never alone. Chip, Sandy and their passionate team are looking forward to creating a custom active and alive adventure of your dreams.


What We Believe


We believe in living big and going deep…  
with adventures that make us feel alive
with the freedom to do what you want to do
because we’re all seeking nature
with a bit of romance to inspire us all
connected to one big story we each get to write
as authentic & stylish as possible
that preserving our planet is a necessity
we can all make a difference


Our Headquarters

We are located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, one of the most beautiful places on earth.  We chose this destination specifically for what we wanted out of life when we returned stateside from Africa. With the backdrop of the stunning Sangre de Cristo Mountains, we share our inspiration for the great outdoors and an active lifestyle with our clients. On any given weekend, you can find us skiing, hiking, fishing, kayaking, or otherwise exploring the beautiful southwest. 




We are located in beautiful Santa Fe at Outside Plaza the headquarters of the Outside brand (magazine, online, events, film and travel). Please stop in to see us if you are ever in town and learn more about our incredible trips. 

Outside GO

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